The Vessel of Our Writing Dreams – new book


Recently, I had the privilege of being invited to give a talk at a Drama Teachers Conference. The theme of the conference was Inspiration. One of the things that occurred to me especially after writing the book “Be The One Percent –” is that we live in a world where we continue to own. Even if we had become aware and start the fight against our own Ego, Ego hides in the very recesses of our souls. A challenge that had come to me frequently is the ownership of thought. The ownership of ‘our’ ideas.

Well, that’s what this book is all about as well as many stories on how to become inspired and open the doors of ideas to rush into our hearts and minds.

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We are the vessels of our dreams, our ideas and yet where do our ideas come from?

Is it simply a mesh of neurons blasting out until a printout comes out?
Do we even own these ‘ideas’ that we claim to originate from us?
How do we ensure that we continue to both learn and project new ideas?
Do we immerse ourselves in an inspirational environment?
Eat healthy supplements?
Perhaps dress-up and speak eloquently with a posh accent?

Why do we bother to come up with something different, when in our current ‘environment’ it may be safe to simply linger in the shadows waiting…like everyone else, who happens to be waiting for you?

The keyword here is………. ‘brain atrophy’.

How do you stop this brain atrophy?

Did you know that when you shine, you give others permission to do so themselves?

Dr. Aammton Alias shares his personal experiences and odd non-linear stories to help you find the answers to these urgent questions.

Focusing on Intention


This is really random but I thought I should just talk about this beautiful coffee cup I got from one of the local coffeeshops! Essentially, it is just a cup with a top, but I love their marketing approach about reusing cups instead of getting paper or worse, plastic cups. When it comes to focusing on business or work, too many times we focused on the product and not the intention.

Interestingly, the same day I bought this cup, Bob was talking about ‘harnessing the energy’ but most people get carried with focusing on the product at hand.





Graduate before moving forward

I decided to meet ‘Bob’  today. He had some meaningful words for me.

We were talking about ONE of my next books to write – which codenamed ‘Project Zero’. Ok, you can roll my eyes – I used to love having codenames for my projects. Just adds that flair and false excitement.  We talked about the Be the One Percent, which is having a new cover and maybe a rewrite – there were a number of chapters I had removed and now I feel confident enough to put them back into the book Be The One Percent.

As Bob drove me back to my workplace, Bob is serious, and monotonously he says: “You know there’s some thing you haven’t graduated from.. you know from that book. It’s going to different if you don’t overcome that. You’ll end up just like the ‘others’.”

I stayed quiet for the rest of the trip,  the message was like an air-raid siren blaring in the middle of the quiet night…

Getting back on track

I’ve been complacent. I had reminded myself to start sharing but instead my little mind typed inside my spacious head, thoughts and comments, ‘awareness-es’ and promised myself that as soon as I get on the computer.. or whatever, I would share with the world the minute inner discoveries. Of course, that never happened. To push myself I had to leave little notes written on pieces of paper – which somehow did get lost or worse.. ignored intentionally.

As I drifted into the realms of life, chasing those small jobs which brought trinkets of relief deviating one from the path, I began to notice how lost I had become. It came to a point where ‘Bob’ even teased me and said: ‘hey, I’ve got some good advice for you – it’s all in your book – you better read it!’

I have to say it was both annoying and yet funny – a big slap in the face. HENCE, I read me book again and began that journey into the beginning.

EVERYTHING is a test!

So I was in Hong Kong…

from the 29th Floor at Aqua

from the 29th Floor at Aqua

I wanted to travel and – yes, reminder to myself so as not to boast- i placed that intention onto the winds and I got myself a ticket to Hong Kong,  it wasn’t a holiday but it was a great opportunity to experience new things.

After a good curry, to be precise a Vindaloo, which is actually a great British invention,  I was brought up to the 29th floor of this posh bar called Aqua  & showed the sights of the city. My companions were keen to show off the different skyscrapers and its history. Imagine 10,000 people working in each skyscraper, everyone with their own little drama, thinking they are the center of the world. I kept imagining that each building was like a massive ship, its purpose and destination decided by the man (or woman) at the top.

From this height, nothing seemed real, not even the cruise ship and the red Junk boat sailing across the bay below. How could so many  people live here, and yet many are disconnected from each other.

I asked my newly acquainted friend:

How do people here not go insane ?  It’s so crowded and everyone is struggling to survive.

He laughed.

I’ve gone insane a long time already !