Graduate before moving forward

I decided to meet ‘Bob’  today. He had some meaningful words for me.

We were talking about ONE of my next books to write – which codenamed ‘Project Zero’. Ok, you can roll my eyes – I used to love having codenames for my projects. Just adds that flair and false excitement.  We talked about the Be the One Percent, which is having a new cover and maybe a rewrite – there were a number of chapters I had removed and now I feel confident enough to put them back into the book Be The One Percent.

As Bob drove me back to my workplace, Bob is serious, and monotonously he says: “You know there’s some thing you haven’t graduated from.. you know from that book. It’s going to different if you don’t overcome that. You’ll end up just like the ‘others’.”

I stayed quiet for the rest of the trip,  the message was like an air-raid siren blaring in the middle of the quiet night…

Coffee with Bob?

definitely not Bob!Adam aka ‘The Witness’ and I met up at the local Starbucks a few days ago. When the barista asks for his name, Adam decides to call himself Bob, just to poke fun at me and our old schoolmates. Everyone wants to know: who is Bob?

The barista looks at him non-chalantly and then smiles away, probably after being told  by the voice  in his head “follow your training, my young Padawan

I whisper at Adam, “you see even this stranger knows you are not Bob”

Adam grins back.

Bob is special, isn’t he? The gap between me and him must be huge. 

I stay quiet, but whispered in my heart.

The gap between most of us and Bob is huge. We all have a long way to go. 

Proofcopy arrived !



It is quite an exciting buzz when you receive your first proof copy of your printed book.  I can’t wait to show this off to friends and family, who are keen to proofread it (the bribe is usually a personally made latte!)

I will probably have to change the cover a bit – name looks too big – perhaps it is also I am awfully conscious of what people will think if my name appears too large on the book cover.




The first book is up !

Howdy! Okay, my first ebook  titled ‘Be the 1 percent: Unlock Secrets to True Success, Real Wealth & Ultimate Happiness‘ is now available on Amazon Kindle at:

book cover 2 aammton alias <- that’s the link

If you live in the Asia Pacific area and have problems with downloading the book – you can try going to  Amazon UK

You can try the link below or simply search ‘‘Be the One Percent

I am truly excited on this first book of mine. I have been talking with some old friends on how to help others write their ebooks for Kindle.

Yes, there will be physical books available soon!

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Alright, I am back to writing my 2nd book !