Getting back on track

I’ve been complacent. I had reminded myself to start sharing but instead my little mind typed inside my spacious head, thoughts and comments, ‘awareness-es’ and promised myself that as soon as I get on the computer.. or whatever, I would share with the world the minute inner discoveries. Of course, that never happened. To push myself I had to leave little notes written on pieces of paper – which somehow did get lost or worse.. ignored intentionally.

As I drifted into the realms of life, chasing those small jobs which brought trinkets of relief deviating one from the path, I began to notice how lost I had become. It came to a point where ‘Bob’ even teased me and said: ‘hey, I’ve got some good advice for you – it’s all in your book – you better read it!’

I have to say it was both annoying and yet funny – a big slap in the face. HENCE, I read me book again and began that journey into the beginning.

EVERYTHING is a test!

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