Knock Knock, do you remember?

I will be vague (as I must protect the people in the story..not!).

First test:

An abandoned world that I had cherished so much had resurfaced in the form of an opportunity. Yes, opportunity knocking on my own door, asking me to get back. All the ‘fame’, the rush could be mine again, and yet, those who were there have now left and moved on, realizing the ‘game’ had no real meaning, and had no real value. It is so easy to see now how that lifestyle has no meaning.

Of interest, I was reading a book by Kerry Girling called the Final Chapter in which he describes the world in the way ants go about their daily lives. I had a small flashback, bringing me to a moment post-insomnia-hectic-hospital-oncall where I had been able to find a lull at the end of the shift, leaning against the balcony of the top floor of the hospital and watching everyone else rushing into the hospital to start their morning duties. In the distance, I could see cars and people moving into the business district, I wondered what their thoughts were, what their worries were, knowing they were oblivious to my curiosity of them. Busy and preoccupied, like ants coming out an anthill. Seemingly unaware of the giant human observer, whom at a whim could destroy their world….

Second test:

Whenever we can, we must choose our environment well, do we choose to be with those who continue to bring us down? It is hard to see this but it is a choice. Do we enjoy the punishment that is mete silently?


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