So I was in Hong Kong…

from the 29th Floor at Aqua

from the 29th Floor at Aqua

I wanted to travel and – yes, reminder to myself so as not to boast- i placed that intention onto the winds and I got myself a ticket to Hong Kong,  it wasn’t a holiday but it was a great opportunity to experience new things.

After a good curry, to be precise a Vindaloo, which is actually a great British invention,  I was brought up to the 29th floor of this posh bar called Aqua  & showed the sights of the city. My companions were keen to show off the different skyscrapers and its history. Imagine 10,000 people working in each skyscraper, everyone with their own little drama, thinking they are the center of the world. I kept imagining that each building was like a massive ship, its purpose and destination decided by the man (or woman) at the top.

From this height, nothing seemed real, not even the cruise ship and the red Junk boat sailing across the bay below. How could so many  people live here, and yet many are disconnected from each other.

I asked my newly acquainted friend:

How do people here not go insane ?  It’s so crowded and everyone is struggling to survive.

He laughed.

I’ve gone insane a long time already !


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