NaNoWriMo 2016 bid: The Well of the Seven Kings

I didn’t realise how much I have done since my last blog post. I’m currently preparing for my NaNoWriMo 2016 novel bid. As well as trying to finish my books at the same time. Great procrastinator, I am.

As for the novel, you can track my progress:


The Well of The Seven Kings

The sequel to ‘The Last Bastion of Ingei

The survivors of the ‘Ingei Massacre’ find themselves trapped in a different world, in the City Of Azzah. They must quickly adapt and find their way home, if there is a way home. On Bumi, in a daring bid to rescue the trapped survivors. a secret brotherhood of five men with extraordinary supernatural abilities must travel to the Well of the Seven Kings – a mystical place that is neither on Earth nor of the other world, They are aided by a female spirit whose intentions are not truly known to them. In the mean time, Hilaga is in complete turmoil, the stakes are high, and every wrong move threatens the very lives of Master Selym and his blue-eyed apprentice Azilah.

The Last Bastion of Ingei: Day 1 published

the jungle should be left alone


I finally decided to just publish my book via Smashwords – and it has finally been accepted by iBooks (iTunes). Here’s a confession, I am supposed to have hired an editor but I didn’t. I could not wait. I was also supposed to publish it once I had all 1600 pages (or more) sorted out, but I didn’t. I could not wait. So I have decided to publish the book by the ‘Day’ in the story. This book is the first ‘Day’ about 100 pages. I know this goes against good advice, but I’ll figure it out. I put the intention out there and pray that some amazing editor pities me so much that he/she would provide their services pro-bono. I can dream on. In any case, please do download the book and tell me what you think. It’s straight from my heart and I could simply could not wait.

Once all 16 ‘Days’ have been published, I will compile them as book 1.

**btw: I just posted Day 2. will update you later.