The Last Bastion of Ingei: Day 1 published

the jungle should be left alone


I finally decided to just publish my book via Smashwords – and it has finally been accepted by iBooks (iTunes). Here’s a confession, I am supposed to have hired an editor but I didn’t. I could not wait. I was also supposed to publish it once I had all 1600┬ápages (or more) sorted out, but I didn’t. I could not wait. So I have decided to publish the book by the ‘Day’ in the story. This book is the first ‘Day’ about 100 pages. I know this goes against good advice, but I’ll figure it out. I put the intention out there and pray that some amazing editor pities me so much that he/she would provide their services pro-bono. I can dream on. In any case, please do download the book and tell me what you think. It’s straight from my heart and I could simply could not wait.

Once all 16 ‘Days’ have been published, I will compile them as book 1.

**btw: I just posted Day 2. will update you later.



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