When The World Acknowledges You, When Someone Writes A Book About You

This copy goes to Bob - with a some words

This copy goes to Bob  with an acknowledgement

Well, is Bob real? Of course, he is.  The thought that came to my mind is, in his world, the book I have written must be some amazing way for the world acknowledge him! Imagine that….

Ever since I was  a child, every teacher/ person has mentioned that I have really terrible handwriting. Believe or not, I wrote the above really slowly and as nicely as I could.

If you can’t read my handwriting, here is what I wrote down:

Especially for “Bob”; 

I think somewhere in your mind, you must think  this is CRAZY!

I just wrote a book (and a few more) about you. The world is acknowledging you, in ways that only proves that you must be doing far more amazing things that I do not know of. Here it is, the proof. 

Just a reminder, not that you need one:  Keep these words to your heart, BUT don’t let it get into your head.




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